“What’s Winehooch?”  ”What do you do?”  ”How did you get your cool name?”

We hear these questions at every Winehooch event!  For the answers, you’ll have to keep reading to get a true taste for our unique style and to learn about all our delicious services such as:

Wine Blogging                                       Event Planning
Social Media Promotion                       Private Parties
Social Outings                                       Wine Tastings
Community Events                         Wine Ambassador

Still curious? Well, I love to tell my story. The sip that put the first smile on my face was at a fairly young age. I do not want to say the exact number, but I was not quite legal in this country. Thankfully, I was in Portugal, so it was OK, and I was under the guidance of my more mature and wine savvy cousins. The pretty pink slightly sweet with a touch of effervescence wine was Lancers. That started it all. Luckily for myself and all of you my tastes have evolved and matured nicely. My sassiness and spirit have not.

I am half Portuguese and half Italian. Two of my favorite wine-producing countries. It is my genetic makeup and my mission to further my love affair with wine and share it with whoever will listen. Thank you for listening. This will be a great relationship.

I have been a Wine Professional for over 10 years. I have worked many facets of the industry as a wine buyer, marketer and in sales. I have always enjoyed wine and enjoyed sharing it with others. is a not-so serious approach to enjoying serious wine. No wine snobs here. We host wine tastings, wine dinners, events, promotions and social media marketing. When I think of wine I think of fun, friends, purple teeth, and every once in a while the wine stain right above my chest.. There is a time and a place to be super serious about your wine, never snobby. is the place to go for wine reviews, tastings in the area, the latest and greatest establishments to enjoy wine, and anything else that is on my mind. Sip and leave the attitude behind.

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The pouring continues over on our blog page. Cheers! ♥ ♥ ♥

Wine Infographic
Produced by SpareFoot. Copyright 2013.


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